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BipolarCharts.com is an innovative online mood tracking tool where you can manage your personal happiness, track events and trends in your life such as& exercise, medication, or sleep, and compare charts with the goal of increasing your overall happiness and well-being. Let's get started!

Adding a New Chart

At any point as you track your daily happiness with BipolarCharts™ you can add additional charts. There is no limit to how many charts you add for mood tracking, or what kind of life...  Read More


You may have noticed an additional button above the main Happiness chart. The QuickLog! button allows you to quickly add an entry for all your charts, in one step.

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Comparing Charts

After you have been mood tracking using BipolarCharts™ for a while, you should have several charts created as well as daily entries in these charts and in your main Happiness chart. At...  Read More

Adding Journal Entries

Along with the charting tools provided, BipolarCharts™ also includes a complete journal system. Much as you would in a diary, the BipolarCharts™ journal allows for in-depth...  Read More

Exploring the HealingWheel

BipolarCharts.com introduces an innovative concept in life tracking and happiness management: the HealingWheel™. Think of the HealingWheel™ as the "big picture," a...  Read More

Personally Identifying Information

We collect your name and contact information, and if you purchase our services, we also collect your payment information.

We use cookies and other technologies to keep track of...  Read More


Welcome to the BipolarCharts.com website! By using our site, you agree to the following terms of use, which constitute an agreement between BipolarCharts.com and you. This website is designed for...  Read More


We do not rent, sell or otherwise provide your personal information to any third party for any purpose.

We only use your personal information to identify you, to correspond with you, to...  Read More

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